Silver Raven are proud to be one of the featured AUSJET members.

The Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET), incorporating Australasian Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Association (ADCVA), is the peak national industrial services industry representative body with members across Australia and international.

“The new marketing campaign “Clean-Up Industry Safely” highlights our ‘Core Services’ and most importantly – our members.

The Clean-Up Industry Safely campaign is our commitment to industry and our members to strengthen safety standards for those working in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries.

You’ll notice the Clean-Up Industry Safely campaign features our members. Why? Because we believe the most important asset of any organisation is its people, and it’s these people – our members – who everyday work to make our industry one of the most highly-skilled supply chains in Australasia.

The Clean-Up Industry Safely campaign is our statement to our members and industry that we will continue to provide the services and support to our members, and work together to identify and implement the efficiencies that optimise their operations to maximise quality, production, safety and training.”