Cold Cutting

Cold Cutting is the process of cutting metallic, cementitious or a combination of the two materials through the use of Ultra High Pressure Water.

Hydro Abrasive cutting or Cold Cutting uses an abrasive material in the water stream to cut these materials to a high degree of accuracy with a number of advantages over other mechanical methods.

Cold Cutting produces no heat and therefore no distortion of the base material, does not affect the metallurgy and produces no sparks so can be used in volatile atmospheres.

It can be used to simultaneously cut and weld prep steel ready to accept the replacement steel.

Silver Raven has developed our own in house cold cutting technology

We are able to customise the jigs and engineering associated with the process to suit any application.

The Silver Raven system allows us to accurately control the speed of cut depending on the thickness and makeup of the materials.

Silver Raven has successfully used our technology in the petrochemical industry, where potentially flammable by products may still be present in the vessels being cut.

We have also successfully cut various vessels where the cut had to penetrate mild steel, stainless steel and 120MPa refractory concrete in one pass, with the resulting cut edge of the steelwork being prepared for welding.