Concrete Remediation, Protection and Strengthening

Concrete rehabilitation and protection is one of the main components of Silver Raven’s Business as we have significant experience on providing solutions to the various concrete deterioration mechanisms such as mechanical damage, impact, structural overloading, weathering, poor compaction during placement, contamination by corrosive chemicals and damage caused by the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement.

Our expertise, innovating approach, and “out of the box” thinking allow us to recommend suitable repair methods and materials, carrying out the works to the highest standard minimising the disruption in the operation of your facilities.

Our Services in this area include:

  • Surface preparation by hydro-blasting, shot- blasting or mechanical grinding
  • Wet and dry shotcreting
  • Concrete sealing and waterproofing
  • Application of polymer modified repair mortars
  • Waterstop Injection Systems
  • Structural Injection Systems
  • Installation of Carbon Fibre Strengthening Systems
  • Application of Concrete & Steel protective coatings and linings

Precision Concrete Grouting

Silver Raven has substantial experience in chemical and cementitious grouting by mechanical and manual means in a broad spectrum of mining, civil construction and rail projects.

Type of grouting applications include:

      • Epoxy grouting
      • Water retaining structures foundations
      • Shaft stabilisation
      • Ground and embankment stabilisation
      • Underground stabilisation
      • Waterproofing
      • Rail base plates
      • Mining equipment bases
      • Steel pipe supports
      • Any other structural void that needs filling

Engineered Concrete Demolition and Removal

We offer an extensive range of concrete cutting, drilling and related services to the building, construction and civil engineering fields.

One of our strong services is the ability to complete unusual/complex works, which have specific constraints (such as time, access, engineering, location, etc).

Our technical experience and a wide range of specialised and customised equipment enables us to complete these works safely, efficiently and on time – Australia wide.

The demolition services offered by Silver Raven include the following:

  • Floor or road sawing
  • Core Drilling
  • Wall Sawing
  • Core Drilling
  • Jack Hammering
  • Machine Demolition
  • Rock Splitting
  • Hydro demolition

Silver Raven offers an alternative to jack hammering for concrete demolition.

Using high water pressure hydro demolition to penetrate and remove existing concrete without damaging the steel reinforcement.

We can also texture and/or scabble concrete as a service preparation for other works robotically or manually.

Advantages of hydro-demolition include:

  • No dust and noise greatly reduced
  • Superior  substrate bonding surface
  • Does not create additional structural damage
  • Rebar is cleaned, descaled, and undamaged
  • Faster than mechanical removal methods
  • Washes away entrained chlorides
Surface Preparation