Another application for hydro demolition is surface preparation and scabbling works for concrete. These are for preparation for new surface applications to be applied to existing or damaged surfaces. Scabbling increases the effective adhesion of the existing surfaces and removes any loose, spalling, or honeycombed surface issues.

Silver Raven’s hydro demolition team were able to prepare an existing concrete surface on a recent project for a new client, allowing for the application of a new cementitious topping and protection coat.

 Our high-pressure units can efficiently remove 20mm of material (effective depth for scabbling) without creating any dust or compromising the structural integrity of the structure. For this project, Silver Raven was able to complete 140m2 of scabbling on a concrete slab using hand lancing with a 200kW Ultra High-pressure pump.

Applications for scabbling works include:

  • Structural concrete soffits
  • Concrete columns, slabs on ground and walls
  • Underside of marine assets
  • Increasing thickness of existing concrete for fire rating
  • Remediation of failed structural assets
  • Added slip resistance to concrete pathways
  • Surface preparation for epoxy coatings
  • Asphalt surface preparation
  • Paint removal

If you would like to know more of need to know if scabbling is the right solution for you, please contact us today!!