Silver Raven’s expert  Fabrication Department

Our specialised department is involved in a broad range of fabrication briefs including vehicle and plant modification.

We specialise in providing innovative and custom-designed services to suit the specifics of your project and we are able to customise the jigs and engineering associated with the process to suit any application.

Fabrication Examples

NSW Ports

  • 50 Steel platforms were custom made from mesh and rectangular section and assembled using MIG welding in the Silver Raven workshop
  • Approximately 400 square metres of mesh & 800 metres of rectangular hollow section
  • Over 500 m of chain and over 200 D‐shackles
  • Approximately 100 chemset anchors with eyelets &  20 knock-in anchors with eyelets

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The Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer (NSOOS

  • Silver Raven was contracted to design and construct over 800 aluminium platforms for use during the refurbishment of the NSOOS.
  • Front end loaders were modified for silt removal
  • Temporary platform design/construct whilst maintaining ventilation with temporary ducting
  • Temporary protection structure
  • New permanent platform and ducting
  • New penstock structure
  • New stop board guide frame

Specialised fabrication of an amphibious vehicle for Monadelphous

The Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer (NSOOS) is the third major sewerage system in Sydney, supporting the city’s wastewater needs. As part of the Sydney Water Corporations Network and Facilities Renewal Program, over 28kms of the NSOOS network is being rehabilitated to support the growing wastewater demands of Sydney.

Silt tends to build in localised spots in the tunnel known as ‘silt banks’ much like dunes on the beach.

This requires a fully customised amphibious Dumper to drive into the silt banks and lift debris into a capture basket lined with a bulk-a-bag for transportation and disposal.

On this 3rd and latest Dumper, Silver Raven’s fabrication brief included:

  • Building the new hydraulic power pack out of the original diesel motor. The power pack is mounted high up on the frame to stay out of the water.
  • Installing new hydraulic lines and fittings about the dumper from the pump.
  • Installing a new bucket to suit the profile of the tunnel floor.
  • New engine electricals, dashboard, ignition pack and power harness.
  • New Polycarbonate Windshield. Foam-filled tyres.
  • New R.O.P.S. (rollover protection system), fabricated and welded.

Silver Raven has completed all the modifications except the communications, gas monitoring and video camera systems.

Silver Raven Fabrication
Silver Raven Fabrication