Silver Raven’s Hydro Services Fleet for short or long term projects

Silver Raven’s Fleet includes both Ultra High Pressure and Volume type pumps which range from 120 to 480.

The pumps can be mobilised to site by either Truck/Trailer Mounted Version or Long Term Onsite Container Placement option.

Silver Raven has a fleet of five High Pressure Pumps which have different pressures and sizes for the various works we carry out:

HDP 480kw Truck Mounted/Container Volume Pump:

Used for Industrial Cleaning, Robot Demolition and Remote Refractory Removal

HDP 250kw Ultra High Pressure Pump:

Used for all Hydro Demolition requirements including Robot Demolition, Cold Cutting and Lance Work

HDP 220kw Truck Mounted Volume Pump:

Used for all Industrial Cleaning requirements

HDP  200kw Truck Mounted Ultra High Pump:

Used for all Hydrodemolition requirements including Robot Demolition, Cold Cutting and Lance Work

HDP 120kw Trailer Mounted Ultra High Pump:

Highly Mobile Lance Work for both Hydrodemolition and Industrial Cleaning, suitable for congested construction sites

AQUA CUTTER 410A Hydrodemolition Robot:

It’s small, compact and suitable for all kinds of operations. Most importantly, it gets the job done every time. With the help of an articulated arm you can reach horizontal, vertical and overhead areas easier than ever before. Meet the world’s smallest standard manufactured Hydrodemolition robot – the AQUA CUTTER 410A.

AQUA CUTTER 710V Hydrodemolition Robot:

The AQUA CUTTER 710V is the most versatile Hydrodemolition robot on the market, suitable for all kinds of operations. Our innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up to 7 meters without support. In other words, where most robots fail, the 710V will prevail.

Productivity Rate Guide

  • Gun Work 0.3 to 1.0 m3 /Shift
  • Robot Work 0.1 to 1.0 m3 /Hour (480)
    Note: Productivity Rates are subject to variations depending on factors such as; concrete strength, site conditions, steel quantity, latent conditions and delays.
Hi pressure Fleet
PumpApplication TypeRequired Water Supply (L/min)

Operating Pressure (Bars)

250Ultra High453000
200Ultra High392700
120Ultra High252600