Ultra High Pressure Hydro Demolition

Silver Raven specialises in the provision of all Ultra High Pressure (UHP) and High Pressure (HP) Hydro Demolition techniques including manual, machine mounted and robotic systems. We develop our own systems to suit specific projects and can provide a solution for any type of hydro demolition project.

Advantages of Hydro Demolition

Hydro Demolition is the superior method for the demolition of damaged, degraded and failed concrete in all manner of reinforced concrete structures.

Traditional demolition methods cause damage to sound concrete via both excessive vibration and direct mechanical damage. This causes micro cracking, and essentially instigates the failure mechanism of the remaining concrete.

  • Hydro Demolition involves no vibration and therefore no stress fractures of the remaining substrate
  • No dust produced
  • No damage to steel reinforcement
  • Cleans the steel during the demolition process
  • No Sparks = Avoids ‘Hot Works’ Restrictions
  • Creates a clean aggressive substrate for superior bonding of the repair materials
  • Allows for accurate removal of concrete

Silver Raven are able to provide both manual or automated demolition services, depending on the application and access requirements.

The automated demolition may be machine mounted or a fully robotic apparatus that is operated remotely to remove personnel from the immediate area.

Silver Raven are specialists in this field, and will custom build equipment specifically for your application. 

Hydro-blasting operators and supervisors are Advanced Riggers, Confined Space Trained, Demolition Licensed and have completed the ISI training course.

Surface preparation is trouble-free with our Spiderjet ultra high pressure surface preparation system.

Hydro Demolition Applications

Hydro Demolition can be used to completely demolish a full depth section of a concrete structure or it can be used to remove a partial depth section only exposing the top layer of reinforcing steel for concrete repair.

Because no sparks or dust are generated, it is safe to use in areas where there may be a flammable atmosphere or where the base material has been contaminated by flammable or volatile compounds.

Common applications for Hydro Demolition are:

  • Concrete remediation and repair
  • Concrete structure modifications
  • Removal of cementitious grouts and epoxy coatings
  • Refractory Removal
  • Refractory Removal around boiler tubes
  • Rock removal such as sandstone, granite etc
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