High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Specialists

Silver Raven provides a full range of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water services ranging from Hydro Demolition to Cold Cutting and Industrial Cleaning.

We specialise in providing innovative and custom designed services to suit the specifics of your project. Silver Raven has developed World first patented technology for the removal of coked refractory materials from hydrocarbon processing units which has been used successfully on a number of Catalyst Cracking Unit shutdowns.

Silver Raven provides our specialist Hydro Services to a range of industries and clients, in both the civil, water, power and industrial sectors.

We can provide a solution for your particular problem, regardless of whether other companies have deemed it ‘too hard’ to accomplish.

All of our Hydro Services are provided with the latest safety equipment, whether it be the use of the latest Kevlar based suits for manual processes, to robotic services that effectively remove personnel from the work face and thereby reducing the risk profile of the services being provided.

Hydro Demolition
silver raven Integrated services

Hydro Demolition

We develop our own systems to suit specific projects and can provide a solution for any type of hydro demolition project.


Cold Cutting

Cold Cutting uses an abrasive material in the water stream to cut materials to a high degree of accuracy. It has numerous advantages over other mechanical methods.


Industrial Cleaning

We offer an extensive range of Industrial Cleaning solutions specifically designed to cater for each individual plants requirements.