Silver Raven Industrial Cleaning

Recently our Industrial cleaning team were contacted by a long-standing client to provide our expert service to complete multiple units on a Shutdown.

Silver Raven mobilised 3 × High Volume pumps with a combined 375L/min for pipe cleaning. We were able to complete a section of a major shutdown in the allocated shutdown period scheduled by the client

The shutdown was a multi-skilled industrial cleaning project that involved the cleaning of the following:

  • Evaporator Tank Cleaning
  • Syrup Tank Cleaning
  • 2,4 and 6 inch diameter pipe cleaning – requiring flex lance gun work and back-out preventor safety measures

Silver Raven were able to work in and around multiple contractors including site fitters and took the initiative to schedule the works around all other works and contractors on site safely and efficiently.

With accordance to Silver Raven’s safety protocols, toolbox talks on site are a great way to ensure that the onsite risks and works by other contractors can be discussed with all workers on site to manage any risks or hazards. Due to the expeditated nature of the project, Silver Raven arrived on site the previous day to set up all equipment and safety exclusion zones as well as liaise with the client for the following day’s work schedule. This allowed them to communicate with us about pipe locations and any potential hazards regarding the multi-skilled industrial cleaning project. Silver Raven was able to complete the works with zero injuries or incidents to a high quality clean.

Contact Silver Raven’s industrial cleaning team to see where we can help you with your next major or minor shutdown.