Innovation in Hydro Demolition – Silver Sonic ®

Silver Raven has always taken a  proactive approach to developing new business opportunities, by either developing our own technologies, or aligning ourselves with other leading technology providers that complement the services that we provide.

Silver Raven has developed and patented the Silver Sonic® process, an Ultra High Pressure Fluid Blasting System for the removal of coked refractory materials from petrochemical process units.

Inspections of the demolished material can be done by remote camera, mounted to the unit itself, saving time and money in shutdown situations.

To date, Silver Raven has been engaged to provide this service to Caltex Kurnell, Caltex Lytton and Shell Geelong. We have also completed a successful demonstration of the process to Shell Global Services in December 2011.

This new process is up to 12 times faster than traditional demolition methods and delivers significant cost and time savings to projects.


Robotics in Hydro Demolition

Silver Raven are committed to the latest developments in technology and machinery. We provide both manual or automated demolition services, depending on the application and access requirements. The automated demolition may be machine mounted or a fully robotic apparatus that is operated remotely.

Robotic arm wrestling

The AQUA CUTTER 410A is specially designed for applications in confined areas and to replace hand lance work. Its small size and low weight allow the robot to easily pass through narrow passages such as doorframes or operate from scaffoldings. The hydraulic and articulated arm, with two rotating joints and three extensions, can reach as far as 3 m (9,8 ft). This makes the robot agile, powerful and very easy to position.

Control in sticky situations

The power control module (PCM) can be disconnected from the tracked crawler. This allows you to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes. You can operate the crawler from a safe distance with a radio remote control. In such situations the PCM is connected to the crawler by a cord, ensuring complete control of the robot in horizontal, vertical and overhead operations.

BEC – Stack Repair Specialists

Silver Raven and Balanced Engineering Construction (BEC) have signed an MOU whereby BEC will provide Silver Raven with specialist stack and cooling tower technology and support for future projects throughout Australia.

BEC strives to be the market leader in their very specialised industry by maintaining the highest standards in customer service and quality products, providing cost effective solutions and delivering all projects on time, every time.

Coke Refractory