Pile Hydro Demolition


Silver Raven was engaged by a Civil and Piling Contractor for the partial hydro demolition of a pile for the installation of a new conduit pipe. Traditional jackhammer methods where not used due to existing services running inside the pile which could not be damaged.

Silver Raven sent out our trailer mounted 120UHP unit to complete with the demolition. We were able to mobilise within a short turnaround for a full turnkey solution!

Silver Raven has vast experience in detailed pile trimming and concrete demolition. When piles have been overpoured, we can provide a detailed demolition to the correct RL’s without damaging the internal steel of the pile or the structural integrity of the pile. This offers a different approach to conventional, excavator, jackhammer methods.

Benefits of Hydro demolition for Pile Trimming

  • No additional shearing of concrete.
  • Detailed demolition. With accuracy to the nearest 5mm.
  • Elimination of concrete dust (Silica)
  • No damage to steel or additional microcracking.
  • Quick turnaround.

An alternative solution to a common problem!