Silver Raven Shotcreting

Shotcreting is the application of quick setting concrete onto any surface including vertical or overhead surfaces for ground support and slope stabilisation. Application can range from underground mining environments, underground sewers to road and rail batters and the construction of complex structures without the need for formwork.

Wet Shotcreting involves pumping of previously prepared concrete, typically readymix type material to the application nozzle. The wet gun procedure normally produces less rebound waste and much less duct than dry shotcrete. The major advantage of wet shotcreting is that productivity is greatly increased and far greater volumes can be applied. Wet Shotcrete is ideal where access is good for both the application team and concrete delivery trucks.

Silver Raven has developed systems to extend the effective range of application from the pump to in excess of 750m.

We are able to provide a complete shotcreting solution including the installation of rock bolts and soil nails, descaling of slopes including arborist services, meshing and grouting, and can assist in the development of a shotcreting solution specific to your application.

Dry Shotcreting – Gunite

Dry Shotcreting or gunite gains high early strengths and is far more workable for shaping and achieving a high quality finish.

Ideal for overhead applications, or where crack filling is a requirement, dry shotcreting can be applied in nearly any application.

The Silver Raven team are problem solvers.

We currently hold the Australian record for long distance shotcreting at 500m and our personnel are qualified to deliver services in confined spaces and at heights.

Shotcrete services have been delivered in challenging environments such as:

  • State Rail Authority Bovis Lend Lease: North Sydney Station Upgrade
  • Maritime Museum – Austress Freyssinet
  • Sydney Building Services, for RIO TINTO: Rehabilitation of Concrete Coal Silos
  • EMT JV Sydney Water Corporation SWSOOS: Sewer Fix Program