Silver Raven Dewaters Flooded Coalmine.

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The Baralaba coal mine, owned by Cockatoo Coal is an open pit operation located in the Baralaba town in Queensland, Australia. The mine filled with almost 20 Billion Litres of floodwater engulfing heavy mine equipment and halting operations in early January 2011.

Silver Raven founder Michael Flanagan has established an industry-wide reputation for innovation and the ability to tackle any civil construction related challenge in the safest and most efficient manner possible. He was flown over the flooded site to develop a strategy which met with Cockatoo’s approval and Silver Raven’s engagement.

Silver Raven Civil Expertise

Silver Raven supplied an intrepid team of skilled tradespersons and trained workers from their Sydney operations to carry out the dewatering operations.

With pumping equipment in short supply due to widespread flooding, Silver Raven were faced with a daunting challenge and had to source suitable pumps from all over Australia.

Despite the massive amount of water the Silver Raven team worked around the clock and soon reduced water levels to a point where heavy machines could be recovered so that a  staged return to mine production could commence.

Following the detailed pit dewatering programme that commenced in January 2011 production was resumed in May 2011 with increased production levels.

Cockatoo Mine Before Fllod
Cockatoo Mine After

Before and after shots of the Cockatoo Mine.