Marine and Civil Concrete Remediation

The Port Authority Of New South Wales engaged Silver Raven for the delivery of marine and civil concrete remediation work on the soffit of the berth Working Platform at the Bulk Liquids Berth 1 (known as BLB1) located at Port Botany New South Wales.

The purpose of this remediation project was to extend the working life of the berth by 20 years to the current berth load design limits, by making the required repairs to damaged concrete and steel reinforcement on the soffit of the working platform.

The BLB1 working platform was constructed circa 1975 and consists of hollow tubular steel piles, reinforced one way spanning concrete deck and reinforced concrete beams. The BLB1 was constructed for use as a multi‐product import and export bulk liquids berth and is nearing the end of the original design life.

The berth has undergone structural aging over the years from concrete corrosion, live loadings on the berth as well as generally due to age which has resulted in cracking, spalling, drummy delaminated concrete and loss of steel reinforcement due to chloride ingress (concrete corrosion). The berth continues to experience high occupancy levels and is expected to be serviceable and in use for at least 20 years.

Concrete Remediation

Hydrodemolition, Abrasive Blasting, Shotcreting, Industrial Coating

Silver Raven excels on difficult projects where a diverse skill set is required. In this case Silver Raven utilised our expert team to:

  1. Identify repair areas with hammer test
  2. Spray mark the and map areas for remediation
  3. Site establishment for 24 hours day‐night cycle including weekend
  4. Install suspended steel platforms underneath the berth below the sea level.
  5. Allocate crane, punts and anchors to hang platforms from soffit.
  6. Provide environmental protection and service protection to the existing pipes and cables
  7. Hydrodemolition using two Ulltra High Pressure (UHP) pump each with hand operated blasting lance
  8. Remove rust off reinforcement via Abrasive Blasting (i.e. Grit Blasting)
  9. Coat reinforcemet with two coats of corrosion inhibiting protective primer
  10. 70MPa Shotcrete installed with Trowel finish
  11. Fresh concrete surface coated with curing agent
  12. Bond Strength Test and Core Samples

Custom Fabrication

Silver Raven installed over 50 suspended steel platforms underneath the berth, which is below the sea level.

  • Steel platforms were custom made from mesh and rectangular section and assembled using mig welding in Silver Raven workshop
  • Steel platforms were painted with epoxy coating and augmented with several sacrificial zinc anodes
  • Platforms were attached to custom floatation devices and lowered into water via Maeda crane and were manoeuvred via punt and rope attachment
Silver Raven Fabrication