Silver Raven was engaged by Comdain to assist them with modifying a live water main pipe at Sydney Water’s Liverpool Reservoir in Cecil Hills.

The challenges involved with the modification included:

  • Water main kept live as it was not feasible to isolate or divert
  • Remove concrete coating and expose full perimeter of a Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL) pipe but without damaging the structural integrity of the pipe
  • Restricted work area space limiting labour/resource to access the pipe
  • Complete the work in short turnaround

As usual, Silver Raven proposed Hydro Demolition as a safe and reliable solution!

By sending out our 250HP unit and experienced hydro demolition crew, we were able to overcome the challenges without a sweat (though our crew did sweat inside their Kevlar hydro demolition suit)

Silver Raven has vast experience in detailed trimming and demolition. When you come across with a situation where traditional jackhammer method is considered unsafe or not practical, we can assist you.