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We are committed to providing the highest quality painting and coating services for our clients. Due to our quality and safety standards, Silver Raven is PCCP accredited by the CSIRO. We conduct both coating application and removal services and are familiar with a variety of Australian and Sydney Water specifications.

We offer high-pressure water jetting as one of our select safe and effective methods for removing paint and coatings from substrates. This method uses a controlled high-pressure stream of water to remove the coatings, without damaging the underlying material. We also offer onsite sand and abrasive blasting services.

Our team is also fully trained and equipped to use a variety of traditional methods, including mechanical, chemical, and thermal to ensure that the surface is properly prepared for any future coatings or treatments. At Silver Raven, we understand that effective coatings are essential to maintaining the safety and reliability of your structures.

We nominate and use only the highest-quality coatings, chosen based on their suitability for each specific project. Our team of experts conduct coating inspections and thorough quality assurance plans to ensure that coatings are applied correctly and to the required standard. We regularly conduct work in accordance with the WSA 201 specification and relevant Australian standards. Common painting types we regularly use:

Whether you’re dealing with a new structure, peeling paint, failing coatings, or other surface issues, our team has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our painting and coating services and how we can help you maintain and enhance the integrity of your concrete structures.